Barethreads has been shown an overwhelming amount of love and support in its first few months so I decided to start giving a little love back. Customers have been asking what’s the story behind the angels now included in the Barethreads packaging... well that IS a good story and one worth sharing...


Pathways Centre for Disabled Children is based in Durban and is something very close to my heart. The Young Adults Group takes on various trades and sells hand-made products. Your angels are one such product.


Each part of each angel is threaded by a different member of the Young Adults Group depending on his or her abilities. Your one angel has been passed down a little production line, each step done with immense concentration and a lot of care.  Bead by bead, clasp by clasp. It takes a while but in the end one little angel is created. And then the next one starts. 


This is a cause worth supporting. It instils in each of these young people a sense of self-worth, accomplishment, and pride. Something we as able people are quick to take for granted.


And so Barethreads is very excited to support this group and will be including one little crystal angel in each online order. Yours to attach to your keys, your bookmark, keep in your purse or hang on your Christmas tree. Just to remind us all of the kind of love being done out there and the souls that need ours in return.