We’re back!

In case you missed it, all e-commerce is now allowed!



Orders will go out daily based on courier capacities.  Couriers are still not running with their full staff so please be patient one more time as delivery may take a little longer than usual.  Your tracking number will be emailed to you as usual, please use it to track your parcel and of course let us know if you have any problems.


Please note, ALL orders have been packed by me (Sarah, owner of Barethreads) and me ALONE.  I take serious precautions in sanitizing my hands before packing your orders and due to my pregnancy have had a precautionary Covid-19 test which was negative.  So the packing of your pretty things is in good (and very clean!) hands.


On receiving your Barethreads parcel, please wear a mask when dealing with the courier and sanitize the outside of the package on receipt. Once opened, discard the waybill bag and wash your hands.  Your package bubble-wrapped inside has (as mentioned) been packed by me and me alone.


Enjoy your pretty things and thank you again for all your support and patience during this lockdown time.  Every order is so appreciated.